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 Saturday 4th December, 2021
12:00pm - 3:00pm
701 Glenhuntly Road
Caulfield, Vic


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This comprehensive Creative Exercises for Older Adults workshop covers all theoretical components regarding safe and effective exercise prescription whilst learning about the ongoing aging process and how this process can effect exercise programming and delivery.

The theory component of the workshop covers...

  1.  Benefits of exercise & adopting healthy habits

  2. How to effectively communicate with an Older Adult

  3. Understanding the physiological & psychological factors that play a vital role with the aging process and how they affect exercise programming and instruction. We closely look at the affects of aging on the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous & musculoskeletal systems of the body.

  4. The important role that Personal Trainers now play in the medical industry referral network working with doctors, physios, speciallist etc.

  5. Resistance Training benefits

  6. Cardiovascular Training benefits - including the calculating of heart rate zones & intensities specifically designed for the older adult

  7. Older Adult initial screening & assessment protocals including monitoring blood pressure whilst resting & exercising, specific aerobic & functional strength testing protocals designed specifically for the older adult. Revising other more general screening & assessment procedures such as resting heart rate, BMI, Waist to Hip ratio, Girth measurements & calculating heart rate zones for safe intensity exercise levels. 

  8. How other training methods can greatly assist - balance, single leg work, coordination etc.

The Practical Component of the workshop has been especially designed with older adults in mind. It covers a wide range of exercises including resistance training ideas, cardiovacsular training, balance exercises, coordination exercises, creative fitness games, functional stretches,

functional exercises & foam roller techniques.

All have been modified and made creative to

assist in making the whole fitness experience fun,

enjoyable & social for any older adult client.

Non traditional pieces of equipment such as balloons,

bean bags, tennis balls, soft balls & reaction balls have

all been included to add to the creative nature of the

exercise prescription for the Older Adult client. 


All trainers in attendance not only receive their development points but also a comprehensive 160 page training manual to take home. The manual includes all of the discussed theory with every exercise included with photos to maximise the learning experience!!

The training manual also includes 2 detailed older adult case study scenarios which includes background information, training & delivery considerations, exercise program examples, communication considerations, frequency, volume, examples of referral communication between the trainer & and an allied health practitioner. 

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