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Dale Cronin

Exercise Scientist

Director & Presenter

Dale Cronin
Director of the PT Workshop Company

High Performance Personal Trainer & Behavior Change Specialist
Face to Face & Online Personal Training Services
Face to Face & Online Development Courses for Registered PTs
Location - 701 Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield, 3162 Vic
Established in 2000
(located inside the Australian Fitness Academy)


We offer 11 Fully Accredited Workshops All Registered with Fitness Australia & Physical Activity Australia & our Courses are offered in four formats Group Classes, 1 on 1 Private Training, online & we can come to you and train your staff"

Australian olympic swimmer & TV presenter Nicole Livingstone tells us about her experience with Dale and the PT Workshop Company...
Nicole Livingstone

Australian Olympian

1988, 1992 & 1996

Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist 1990 & 1994

Radio (SEN) &

Television Presenter (channel 10)


Head of AFL Women's League 






All workshops are accredited with Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia and will contribute CECs or PDPs towards your registration renewal.


Face to Face & Online Learning Only

Our philosophy is that learning in the fitness industry is best done hands on in a practical sense. That's why we specialise in face to face teaching and an online format. 


Want to offer in-house training for your PT team?

The Personal Training Workshop Company will come to you and deliver any one of our workshops.  Minimum spend conditions apply.


Need an alternative date?

The Personal Training Workshop Company offers alternative dates to those who can’t make a scheduled workshop. 


One on One Workshops!!

One on one workshops and two on one workshops were introduced in 2015 and really took off. Trainers really get more out of a private session. They get to ask more questions and Dale is really able to pay more attention to technique and theory.


Group Workshops

Workshops are delivered at the Caulfield campus, Melbourne which has a fully equipped gym and classroom to ensure a positive learning experience.


Workshops Offered Include the Following:



About the director

Contact Dale - 0414606771

Dale Cronin

Exercise Scientist

High Performance Personal Trainer & Behavior Change Specialist

Bachelor of Applied Science/Exercise Science

Diploma in Fitness

Certificate III & IV Fitness - Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Founder/Director - Personal Training Workshop Company

Writer & Presenter of 11 fully accredited CEC & PDP courses

21 Years Experience Lecturing Certificate III & IV Courses - Australian Fitness Academy &  5 years Experience Lecturing with VFA Learning

24 Years Experience running a Personal Training business

Dale Cronin began his career in the fitness industry over 24 years ago. He kick started his career by completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Science at the Australian Catholic University and during this time, began working as a Personal Trainer.


With his extensive knowledge and energetic nature, Dale quickly established a stable client base which he still maintains today.


He has been lecturing in fitness education with the Australian Fitness Academy in Melbourne for over 21 years, and now also with the Victorian Fitness Academy in Geelong. Through his experience at different Registered Training Organisations, has developed into a first class lecturer and presenter.


Dale is the founder and director of the Personal Training Workshop Company, an organisation dedicated to developing and presenting high quality and fully accredited professional fitness courses.


These courses are aimed towards current qualified personal trainers needing to upgrade their knowledge and skill in order to maintain their qualifications. Dale currently offers eight fully accredited workshops and is currently developing new ones. 

Dale has delivered over 40,000 PT sessions in his 18 years of operation and now delivers High Performance Personal Training & Life Coaching. In this time of working with different people from all walks of life, Dale has learnt a great deal about about human behavior, motivation, the best processes to ensure exercise adherence and the most effective way to influence his clients to make a sustainned positive change in their lives. 

Dale has and still does work as a Sports Science coach with Australian Rules Football Clubs and is currently managing the Newcomb Power in the Bellarine Football League.  Dale works extensively with the players and coaching staff and prepares and maintains them for a big 2023 season. 

Check out the article written by journalist Harriet Edmund of the Daily Telegraph interviewing our director/founder of the PT Workshop Company Dale Cronin -




"RE-INVENT yourself


Learn to just do the healthy option, rather than relying on feeling motivated"

Dale Cronin
Exercise Scientist
High Performance Coach & Behavior Change Specialist

Exercise Scientist Dale Cronin has delivered over 40,000 PT sessions in his 18 years of operation and now delivers High Performance Personal Training & Behavior Change Coaching. In this time of working with different people from all walks of life, Dale has learnt a great deal about about human behavior, motivation, the best processes to ensure exercise adherence and the most effective way to influence his clients to make a sustainned positive change in their lives. 

This includes individually tailored life transformation training, which is highly effective in bringing about lasting, significant and positive change in your life. 

High performance personal training/life coaching is not just about physical fitness, it addresses all aspects of a persons life and focuses on strategies to move towards the more positive choices. 


High Performance PT is focused on defining agreed performance goals, understanding the factors which impact on performance, implementing strategies which address performance gaps, and maintaining motivation to achieve goals.

High Performance PT & Life Coaching concentrates on structure as a key ingredient to long term success. 

A strict structure is set wherebye sessions are broken down into 28 day training cycles consisting of 4 x 7 day training blocks 

An emphasis is heavilly placed on clever goal setting strategies, where the goal setting approach focuses more around the behavior process rather than the result. This is done on a weekly basis. 







Comprehensive induction process including goal setting, fitness testing & implementing immediate strategeies to improve overall health & function (conducted by an Exercise Scientist)

Fun & Energetic sessions


Reassessments conducted every 28 days 


Goals, lifestyle choices & exercise program set, discussed & measured on a weekly basis


Eating behavior strategies & Meal plans


2 - 3 private performance/fitness practical sessions per week

1 on 1 - 30 minute sessions

1 on 1 - 45 minute sessions


Support and guidance provided on a daily basis

All of this provided by not just your average qualified PT, but from an Exercise Scientist.


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Performance Coaching


Personal Training Workshop Company

701 Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield South Vic, 3162



Our location comes with a fully equipped classroom with a state of the art projector system for powerpoint presentations which maximises the learning environment. 


Located only a few steps from the classroom is a fully equipped gym loaded with all of the latest equipment and tools to aid the learning process

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